Strictly for My Ninjas

Font Face Ninja in actionToday I'm sharing a great tool for exploring typography on the web. Fontface Ninja is a plugin for the Chrome and Safari browsers that allows you to identify the font face and styling of any text on a page.

Type Patterns in Web Design (2013)

Body Copy Font SizeWhen you take away the images and other media, most of what determines the look and feel of a website is typography. In 2009, Smashing Magazine conducted a survey of text-heavy sites (like newspapers and magazines) and provided a guide to the common typographic practices in web design at that time.

Icon Font Families

Entypo Lightning Bolt IconWeb and application designers need icons, and most of the time we need more or less the same ones---icons representing users, icons for navigation and interactions, social media icons, etc. Several projects have been bundling these icons into pictographic fonts (sort of a Zapf Dingbats for icons).

Designing a Book

lt's easy to recognize the artistry in a good book cover, but book interiors require at least as much attention. In this case study, I explain my process for the interior design for an anthology of the best fiction and poetry published in New England.

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Anti Lorem Ipsum

If you've spent any time designing text for print or the web, you're probably familiar with "Lorem Ipsum." For the uninitiated, Lorem Ipsum refers to a passage of latin text from the Roman philosopher Cicero. For hundreds of years, type designers have used this passage as place-holder text in their designs.

What the font?

Today I'm sharing two great tools for identifying fonts in images or websites: What the Font? and Fount.

Smashing Free Fonts

Novecento Font FamilyFree fonts are often free for a reason. Frequently they're missing essential elements like true italics, small caps, old-style numbers, and the like. Sometimes they're just poorly executed knock-offs of some other foundry's typeface.