An Introduction to Responsive HTML Email

In this webcast of a talk delivered in September 2015, I talk about the challenges of crafting responsive HTML emails for a variety of clients and devices.

Automating Your Web Workflow with Grunt.js

Grunt LogoI have to admit, it wasn't love at first sight (I mean, just look at those tusks), but I'm now head over heels for Grunt. Grunt is a task runner that chugs along in the background and, with the right set of plugins, can be set to automatically combine and minify CSS and JavaScript files; check HTML, Javascript, and JQuery for errors; compile Sass to CSS; write browser-compatible code; and more.

Case Study: Building a Responsive Site in Drupal 7

Printer’s Devil Review is an independent, open access journal of literary and visual art. Recently, I redesigned the site to allow users of mobile devices to more easily access the magazine's content. In this case study, I highlight the features and tools I added to the site.

DIY E-Books

In this webcast of a talk delivered in February 2013 at Harvard University, I explain what an E-Book is and what makes it different from a PDF. The talk also takes a close look at the structure an EPUB 2.0 document; highlights tools for viewing, editing, and validating EPUBs; and shows how you can author and distribute E-Books yourself.

Creating a Responsive Multiple Column List

Guest contributor Samantha Milowsky shows how to take a web page with fixed-column lists and transform it into a flexible, responsive page that will look great on a wide range of devices.

Using JQuery UI to Add Effects to a Drupal Site (Part II)

In a part one, I showed how to use JQuery UI's .dialog method to script a modal message on a Drupal site. In part two, I show how to customize what the message looks like and how often it appears in the browser (using cookies).

Using JQuery UI to Add Effects to a Drupal Site (Part I)

The JQuery UI JavaScript library makes it easy to add all sorts of interactive animations to your website with just a few lines of code. Because there are a lot more moving parts, though, it can be a little tricky to integrate these scripts into a CMS like Drupal. In a recent project, I used JQuery UI's .dialog method to script a modal message.

Designing a Book

lt's easy to recognize the artistry in a good book cover, but book interiors require at least as much attention. In this case study, I explain my process for the interior design for an anthology of the best fiction and poetry published in New England.

Choosing A Microphone for Your Podcast

Aside from having something to say, the first thing you need to start podcasting is a microphone. Here are some tips for choosing the right microphone for your podcast.

Drupal 6 As A Podcasting Platform

Champs Not Chumps is an audiopod­cast fea­tur­ing inter­views with peo­ple who are pur­su­ing cre­ative, social, or intellec­tual projects. So far, we’ve done episodes on alter­na­tive comics, flash fic­tion, acces­sable farm­ing, teach­ing med­i­ta­tion to kids, you name it. We wanted our lis­ten­ers to be able to engage with the show beyond just lis­ten­ing to the episodes, and Dru­pal pro­vided us with an open source plat­form to feed the pod­cast and pro­vide a web pres­ence for the show.