Technology Lending Program

Technology Loan App

I developed an application for the Harvard Library that displays technology available for loan. I originally developed the app for the Cabot Science Library, but provided enough flexibility that it could be expanded to include other libraries on campus.

Harvard Library Sites

I use the Drupal content management system to develop and maintain sites in support of the Office for Scholarly Communications, the DASH repository, and the Harvard Library transition.

Champs Not Chumps Podcast

Champs Not Chumps was an audio podcast that featured interviews with people pursuing creative, social, or intellectual projects. Between 2009 and 2012, I produced sixteen half-hour episodes and several related audio shorts.

Printer's Devil Review

Printer’s Devil Review is an independent, open-access journal of literary and visual art. As the founding editor, I pulled together a staff, developed a brand identity for the magazine, and began recruiting content.