Brakets: A New Open Source Code Editor

Brackets LogoThere's a new code editor in town, and it's free and open source. Brackets is an editor specifically designed for web development, focusing on CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. What makes it unique is that it is also built in those same languages. Also, because it's open source, anyone with knowledge of standard web development languages can add new features and contribute to the project.

Brackets is built with open web standards, so it can be run on any machine that can run a web browser. On a first look, I was impressed by the editor's ability to display inline all the CSS classes that apply to a selected element. Brackets also enables you to make inline changes to the CSS and see them reflected in the site preview as you type--similar to inline editing in Firebug.

The Brackets team opened their github repositories in May, and the current build of the editor (Sprint 10) is available for download.