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Champs Not Chumps is an audiopodcast featuring interviews with people who are pursuing creative, social, or intellectual projects.  Tom Dodson and Alana Kumbier produce the show and take turns hosting.


Tom and AlanaHi Everyone,

Champs Not Chumps is taking a hiatus as Alana and I devote time to other projects. I’ll still post audio pieces now and then, but they may be weeks or even months apart.

We want to offer our heartfelt thanks to all of the people who spoke with us or otherwise contributed to the episodes and shorts posted here, to everyone who offered encouragement, and to all of our listeners.

We’ve enjoyed the hell out of these conversations, and we hope you have too. Keep being champs.



Voices from Occupy Boston

Occupy Boston CampIn Dewey Square in Boston, across the street from the Federal Reserve Bank, over two hundred people have camped out to protest economic inequality. On a drizzly evening in October, Champs Not Chumps visited the camp and talked to some of the protestors.

Join us in this CNC short and hear voices from Occupy Boston.

occupy boston sound file Voices from Occupy Boston (A CNC Short)

Drawing from Nightlife

Bunnies posing at Dr. Sketchy's. Photo by Justin MooreDr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School is not your typical drawing session. It’s held in a bar, for starters, and features models ranging from circus performers to drag queens.

Join us in this CNC short for an evening of bodily contortions, bad jokes, wardrobe malfunctions, and stories from the burlesque stage.

Voices in this short include (in order of appearance): Aliza Shapiro, Helena Prezio, Walter Sickert, Phil Eckberg, Porcelain Dalya (burlesque performer, stage name), Joanna “Jojo” Lazar, Juliana Funkhauser, Fonda Feeling (arielist, stage name).

deathbear.mp3 Drawing from Nightlife (A CNC Short)

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